These Ribcap Helmet hats, have increased my freedom and independence.

My name is Diana Hoffman. I am twenty-six years old and I have epilepsy. I have graduated from both high school, college, and am also an abstract artist.
As seen in the picture, I'm wearing my latest Ribcap winter hat,and on the other picture I'm wearing my baseball Ribcap hat, I can be seen giving my service dog, Emmy, love.

I love wearing these hats because they have given me so much more freedom and so much more independence. Also, fewer concussions too. I like knowing that they don’t make me stick out and are still functional.

Ribcap Epilepsy Helmet

I love to wear these because they're functional. They do not make me stick out. These hats, or as I like to call them helmet hats, have increased my freedom and independence. It allows me to go to some places that couldn’t before. A good variety too.

The company who makes these really cares about their customers. They care about their needs. I feel like this is one thing that makes a company and it’s product good. I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in or looking for Epilepsy Helmets!!!!!

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