Ribcap Helmet Hats Increse Freedom & Independence

Customer Expresses the Freedom They Feel, Thanks to Ribcap!

Ribcap has eagerly spent the past ten years providing soft protective headgear that is non-stigmatizing, light and breathable, and a style that fits everyone's lifestyle. Stories like Diana's fill us with pride and push us to spread even more awareness that a protective helmet doesn't need to be bulbous and bulky to be safe, instead, it should give the user a feeling of safety AND comfort.

Here's Diana with her story.

"My name is Diana Hoffman. I am twenty-six years old and I have epilepsy. I have graduated from both high school, college, and am also an abstract artist.
As seen in the picture, I'm wearing my latest Ribcap winter hat,and on the other picture I'm wearing my baseball Ribcap hat, I can be seen giving my service dog, Emmy, love."

"I love wearing these hats because they have given me so much more freedom and so much more independence. Also, fewer concussions too. I like knowing that they don’t make me stick out and are still functional."

Ribcap Epilepsy Helmet

"I love to wear them because they're functional. They do not make me stick out. These hats, or as I like to call them helmet hats, have increased my freedom and independence. They allow me to go to some places that couldn’t before. A good variety of styles too."

"The company who makes these really cares about their customers. They care about their needs. I feel like this is one thing that makes a company and it’s product good. I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in or looking for Epilepsy Helmets!!!!"

We thank Diana for her wonderful review of Ribcap and are very happy to hear that she is enjoying wearing her Ribcap!

Overview of Epilepsy in Adults

Epilepsy can be diagnosed at any age. Epilepsy is a condition that results in body jerking, loss of consciousness, blurred vision, reduced hearing or muscles spasms. In some types of epilepsy, such as a Atonic seizures, the person loses all muscle tone making the person drop to the floor. This type of seizure is also known as 'drop attacks' and can be very serious due to the unpredictable nature of the seizure.

The most common types of seizures are:

Tonic-Clonic Seizure (Also known as Grand Mal)

Tonic Seizures

Clonic Seizures

Atonic Seziures (Drop Attacks)

Absense Seizures

Myoclonic Seizures

Click here for a full breakdown of each seizure type and their symptoms.

As epilepsy causes unpredictable falls, it makes the person susceptible to head injury. But thanks to Ribcap, our protective headgear has been vigorously tested according to the International Rugby Impact Standards and trusted by several neuro associations.

But, we believe at Ribcap that a helmet shouldn't be unsightly making the wearer stand out for the wrong reasons which is why we created highly fashionable styles. Adaptive fashion is changing the industry and we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Want your own trendy Ribcap?

Click here, to check out our super cool designs!

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