Ribcap helmet for Doose syndrome seizures! How to prevent injuries

Meet Nicholas a 3y old boy! A perfect little boy, until April 2019, when the ambulance took him from kindergarten. The parents were in shock when they called from the hospital and said he had a seizure. They started analyzing everything.
After 2 weeks of seizures, Nicholas was diagnosed with Doose syndrome.
Nicholas was in the hospital for 11 weeks. 


After 7 additional weeks, Nicholas was also diagnosed with  Klinefelter.
If there is no explanation for his epilepsy, and it started only because Klinefelter, he would be the 3rd case documented in the world.

Doose Syndrome Helmet

Because he has all kinds of seizures and can drop at any given moment, his mom searched and found Ribcap.

We received the below quote by Alina, Nicholas' mom:

"Now, even if we won't be able to control seizures, we have the safety got taken care of by Ribcap.
Safe & trendy."

"Now we are a part of the Ribcap family. I am so happy he is safe. And you can’t say it’s a medical device. Safe, tested, trend."

We love Ribcap helmet.

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