People didn't realize that I was wearing protective headgear!

My name is Robin Audette, I am a 37-year-old wife and mother of a beautiful daughter who has Angelman Syndrome.

Robin Audette | Angelman Syndrome | Seizure helmet

Two years ago I suffered my first seizure, it was a tonic-clonic (gran Mal) and I hoped it would be the only one but it wasn't. I would have four more all spread out, no pattern. Three concussions from some serious head trauma, two were very bad. I started wearing a bulky helmet out of fear and I realized that it wasn't practical or comfortable in my life. I work in a restaurant and I am a special needs mom at home, I needed to be safe. When my friend and I found out about Ribcap I was so excited and hopeful. Right away we ordered two of the Lenny style. I live in Canada so I thought they would be perfect for winter. I was right! I love my Ribcaps so much! I wore them round the clock and I felt safe and comfortable! People didn't realize that I was wearing protective headgear! Fits great, looks great and six months later they are still in perfect condition! I recently purchased two of the ball cap style for summer and I already love them too! The ball cap is lightweight and so comfortable, I wear it all day and night!

Robin Audette | Seizure Helmet | Angelman Syndrome

They look just like a regular ball cap! I am extremely impressed and satisfied with this product! Both versions that I have are stylish, safe and comfortable. I do not enjoy having epilepsy but I am so grateful to have found Ribcap! Thank you very much for creating these wonderful items, they are much needed! Well done!

Sincerely Robin Audette

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